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L2-House, Saint Helens, OR
L2 House

L2-House was designed for lot 2 of Garden Court Subdivision, a 5-lot subvision developed by AKAAN. The name Garden Court derived from the commitment to keep as many existing trees as possible, a sustainable concept in contrast to typical subdivision development.

Kannikar and AL designed this contemporary house for their primary residence. The 2,200 SF house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large open room for living, dining, and kitchen, and a two car garage. The rooms are arranged in two rectangular bars that follow the shape of the property. A foyer and stair hall link the two bars together. The three masses form an alcove for the main entry in the front and provide a court yard in the back, which the living spaces wrap around and can expand into. The court yard offers a full view of the garden in the back yard, yet provides privacy suitable for city living.

L2 house drawings: front & rear views
101 St Helens Street, St Helens, OR 97051
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