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Hattie's House, Saint Helens, OR
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Scope: Full Renovation
Completed: 2007

AKAAN recently restored this 100 year old St. Helens home. In the process, they maintained the home’s historical character, followed green building practices, and transformed the house back to its former glory.

All salvageable historic features were retained, including the lathe-turned porch columns, window and door trim, original doors, hardware, and cabinets. Other salvageable materials were saved, including the original wood flooring and the narrow width cedar siding. Demolition scraps were sorted and reused in such things as the board and batten skirting and other miscellaneous woodwork. Original glass door knobs and antique hardware grace the interior., The floors, newly refinished but distressed with the passage of time, add an elegant touch that modern wood flooring styles often attempt to mimic.

In addition to reusing original materials, many features which improved energy efficiency and decreased energy consumption were added including increased insulation, a high efficiency heat pump, a high efficiency water heater, and replacement windows, all of which exceed EnergyStar recommendations.

Living Room / Kitchen
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101 St Helens Street, St Helens, OR 97051
T: 503 366 3050 F: 503 366 3055